Alia is a layered contemporary bob that provides amazing movement and styling versatility. This wig combines the light comfort and natural looking growth of a Mono Top along with our exclusive SmartLace technology which offers the most natural hairline available. No tape or glue needed!

Wigs Modelled: Alia 6F27 

$455.00 (Inc. GST)

  • 1-Black
  • 10-Light Brown
  • 10/26TT-Medium Natural Gold Blonde/Light Red-Gold Blonde Highlights
  • 10/26TTS4-Shaded Fortune
  • 101F48T -Pearl White/Light Natural Gold Brown
  • 102S8 -Shaded Creme
  • 104F24B -Pale Natural White/Blonde/Light Natural Gold Blond Blend
  • 10H24B-Light Brown/Light Gold Blonde Highlights
  • 10RH16-Light Brown/Light Natural Blonde Highlights
  • 12/30BT-Light Natural Gold Brown Blend
  • 12FS12 -Malibu Blonde
  • 12FS8 -Shaded Praline
  • 130/31-Medium Natural Red-Brown/Medium Red Blend
  • 131T4S4 -Shaded Berry
  • 14/24-Light Natural Ash Blonde/Light Natural Gold/Blonde Blend
  • 14/26-Medium Natural Gold Brown/Light Red-Gold Blonde Blend/Pale Natural Blonde Highlights
  • 14/26S10-Shaded Pralines n' Cream
  • 14/88H-Light Natural Blonde/Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 16/22-Light Natural Blonde/Light Ash Blonde Blend
  • 1B-Soft Black
  • 1BRH30 -Soft Black/Golden-Red Highlights
  • 2-Black/Brown Blend
  • 22/16S8-Light Ash Blonde/Light Natural Blonde Blend
  • 22F16 -Medium Natural Gold Blonde/Pale Natural Blonde Blend
  • 22F16S8 -Venice Blonde
  • 22MB -Pale Natural Blonde/Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 22RH613-Light Ash Blonde/Pale Natural Golden Blonde Highlights
  • 24B/27C-Light Gold Blonde/Light Red-Gold Blonde Blend
  • 24B/27CS10-Light Gold Blonde/Medium Red-Gold Blend
  • 24B18S8 -Shaded Mocha
  • 24B22-Medium Gold Blonde/Pale Natural Blonde Blend
  • 24B22RN-Light Natural Blonde/Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 24B613S12 -Medium Natural Ash Blonde/Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 24BRH18-Dark Natural Ash Blonde/Light Golden Blonde Highlights
  • 24BT18-Dark Natural Gold Blonde/Light Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 24BT18F-Dark Natural Ash Blonde/Light Gold Blonde Blend
  • 24BT18S8 -Shaded Mocha
  • 26RH14 -Medium Natural Ash Blonde/Light Gold Blonde Highlight
  • 27B-Light Golden-Red Blonde
  • 27F613 -Medium Red-Golden Blonde/Pale Natural Golden Blonde Blend
  • 27MB -Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend
  • 27MBF-Dark Red-Golden Blonde/Medium Red Nape
  • 27RH613 -Medium Red-Golden Blonde/Pale Natural Golden Blonde Highlights
  • 27T613-Medium Red-Blonde/Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 27T613F -Medium Red-Gold Blonde/Pale Natural Gold Blonde Blend
  • 27T613S8 -Shaded Sun
  • 30A-Medium Natural Red Blonde/Brown
  • 30A27S4 -Shaded Peach
  • 31/26-Dark and Medium Red/Brown, Light Red-Gold Blonde Blend
  • 32BF -Medium Natural Red/Medium Red-Gold Blonde
  • 32F- Dark/Medium Red-Brown/Light Red-Gold Blonde Blend
  • 33-Medium Natural Red
  • 33R27F-Medium Natural Red/Medium Red-Gold Blonde Highlights
  • 33RH29-Medium Natural Red/Light Red-Golden Blonde Highlights
  • 38-Medium Brown/Light Grey
  • 39F38-Light Natural Ash Brown/Grey to Medium Brown
  • 4-Dark Brown
  • 4/27/30-Dark Brown/Medium Red-Gold Blend
  • 4/33-Dark Brown/Dark Red Blend
  • 44 -Pure White/Dark Natural Brown
  • 4RN-Dark Natural Brown
  • 51-Light Grey/Dark Brown
  • 51F44-Light Grey/Brown-Dark Brown
  • 56-Light Grey/Medium Brown
  • 56F51-Grey/Platinum Blend/Gold Brown
  • 6-Brown
  • 6/33-Brown/Dark Red Blend
  • 60 -Pure White
  • 60S18 -Sleet
  • 613 -Pale Natural Gold Blonde
  • 613/102S8-Pale Natural Gold Blonde/Pale Platinum Blonde Blend
  • 613RN -Pale Natural Gold Blonde Renau Natural
  • 6F27-Gold Brown/Medium Red/Gold Blond
  • 6RN-Brown Renau Natural
  • 8-Medium Brown
  • 8/30-Medium Brown/Medium Red-Gold Blend
  • 8/32-Medium Brown/Medium Natural Red Blend
  • 8RH14-Medium Brown/Light Natural Ash Blonde Highlights
  • 8RN-Medium Gold Brown
  • 92 -Pure White/Medium Brown-Dark Brown
  • B8-27/30RO-Med Brown to Med Red/Gold
  • B8/30-14/26RO-Med Red/Gold to Light Gold
  • Black
  • Blonde
  • Brunette
  • FS10/16-Walnut Syrup
  • FS12/24B-Cinnamon Syrup
  • FS12/26RN-Medium Gold/Red-Gold Blonde
  • FS17/101S18-Palm Springs Blonde
  • FS24/102S12-Laguna Blonde
  • FS26/31-Caramel Syrup
  • FS26/31S6-Salted Caramel
  • FS27 -Strawberry Syrup
  • FS2V/31V-Chocolate Cherry
  • FS36_56_60S4-Storm
  • FS38-PLS8-Flurry
  • FS4/33/30A-Midnight Cocoa
  • FS6/30/27-Toffee Truffle
  • FS60_BLS6-Glacier
  • FS60_PKS18-Frost
  • FS613/24B-Honey Syrup
  • Grey
  • Red

Additional information

Cap Design

Lace Front, Single Monofilament

Cap Size




Hair Length


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