Our Story

Having spent over 15 years in the wig industry, and 35 years in hair and makeup, Sharryn Sinclair, our Managing Director has worked with countless clients suffering various forms of hairless. 

Officially launching in 2019 as The Perth Wig Specialist we never expected the overwhelming support and love the hair loss community has brought to our store. This last year has shown us how important it is to grow as a company to reach more clients and thus began the transformation into The Australian Wig Company.

We understand the impact hair loss has on your confidence, whether it is a result of alopecia, cancer, or medical-related hair loss, and want to offer our expertise to help you reclaim it. We want to help you take control and feel empowered, with private consultation rooms affording a comfortable place to begin.

The Australian Wig Company brings only the best hair solutions to our clients. Introducing the exclusive Sharryn Sinclair Collection  the most stunning ethically sourced human hair available.

Based in Burswood, Perth, our product offerings from wigs, toppers, accessories, and wig care products will give you the tools to make informed hair choices. Book a consultation today and let us help bring a touch of luxury, and confidence to your life. If you can’t come to us, book an online consultation today and we will bring the shop to you.

When you visit us, you will see the community we are building through hair – don’t be surprised to see our regulars walking around without their wigs.