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What is Pixie Wig?

To answer a question we are often asked what is pixie cut wig and why are they different from just a short hair wig, we look at the nature of the best pixie wigs in the popularity stakes today. These pixie cut wigs are short, flirty, and feminine, boasting a vast array of styling choices.  The most popular pixie wigs offer a style with short sides and backs and slightly longer tops, typically with short, wispy bangs styled to one side.

Pixie cut wigs have several types and styles. Your face shape and bone structure will be a big influence on the best pixie wigs for you. So take the time to consider and try on some different pixie wig styles before you decide on length and shape. Some of the typical elements which all fall under a generalised pixie wigs category include:

  • Close crop
  • Slicked back (must have lace front for this one)
  • Side Fringe
  • Tousled boy cut
  • Trendy layered cut
  • Smooth face-framing
  • Bobbed Pixie
  • Blonde with roots
  • Two-Tone colour
  • Straight Across Fringe
  • Dramatic Side Fringe

Pixie cut wigs are incredibly flexible and low maintenance. Made famous back as far back as the 1950’s and 1960’s with legendary actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow confidently sporting this empowering short stylish cut, and firmly established the pixie cut as a timeless look.  Many of our favourite celebrities strut the red carpet with gorgeous pixie cuts, some of which will be well designed human hair pixie wigs that can be changed up to suit the occasion.

Will Pixie Cut Suit Me?

What’s not to like about easy styling, a comfortable cap construction, and current trending style?  For women of all ages, pixie styles are a bold and confident look. Pixie wigs are so light and natural-looking that you’ll forget you’re wearing them!  Every haircut has its own unique set of pros and cons, with the pixie cut it’s important to be aware that this style of wig is designed to be dramatically short.

Be confident in your style with a pixie cut wig as your entire face is on display, making your features more pronounced. It really comes down to your own face shape, confidence and personal flair/styling. A pixie style can be anywhere from half an inch to two or three inches long.

Our Top 5 Pixie Cut Hair Wigs

Brie by Henry Margu

A fuller softer pixie wig, Brie suits Petite Average Headsize. Her Monofilament top with lace front and hand-knotted back/wefted nape ensure a realistic looking wig that is cool to wear.

Fenja by Ellen Wille

This pixie wig style offers endless texture with a very flattering longer side fringe and tapered necklines. This pixie wig gets into our top five for her capes base made from a fine, resilient stretchy lace and offers a petite and average cap size option. Fenja also has a monofilament part and is low density.

Mono Allure by Jon Renau

Endless layers and a flattering shape catapults Allure Mono by Jon Renau into our top five best pixie wigs. Here we have a very stylish short pixie design synthetic wig with a feather light cap which is extremely cool to wear. A hand tied monofilament top ensures a realistic looking wig with light to medium density.

Skylar by Henry Margu

Versatile with its shake and go, fingerstyle or off the face styling (as pictured below) this synthetic pixie wig offers a quick boost of volume. Skylar is the quintessential pixie wig style which is why we rate her as one of our top five best pixie wigs. She boasts a lace front, a lightweight cap and a hand-tied monofilament top. The cap size is petite/average.

Winner Elite by Raquel Welch

With a detailed 100% hand tied cap, monofilament top and an extended lace front, Winner Elite offers a pixie wig with razor like tapering and textured fringe. Very edgy and catwalk/red carpet ready this synthetic pixie wig is up for any occasion