Here at The Australian Wig Company we recommend washing your human hair wig after a few wears, especially in the summer months. Just like your own hair, your wig will need a little loving care to keep it looking and feeling as beautiful as when you first wore it.

STEP ONE: Fill a tub/basin with luke warm water and use the wig shampoo recommended by your wig supplier… we recommend the WASP Shampoo. It’s important to use a wig shampoo as it will be made specifically for wigs as opposed to your own hair. Wig shampoos will have no protein in them.

STEP TWO: Use a wide tooth comb to comb through your wig ensuring there are no knots or matting. The washing process needs to have your wig knot free to obtain optimum results.

STEP THREE: Hold your wig on the part by placing your thumb on the upper side of the part and holding firmly

STEP FOUR: Run the wig through the lukewarm shampoo top part first, run your hands down the wig as you bring the wig up and then repeat several times to ensure the wig is clean

STEP FIVE: Rinse the shampoo out

STEP SIX: Use the conditioner recommended by your wig supplier, we recommend WASP Conditioner as it is protein free. Work the conditioner from the bottom of your wig through to the top.

STEP SEVEN: Rinse the conditioner out

SETTING YOUR WIG: Place your wig onto your wig holder, either scrunch or comb straight, depending on the desired result and leave to dry several hours or overnight. Once dry you can add in a spray of setting spray

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