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Mens Hair Systems – Wearable Hair

Look forward to a great hair day every day. Mens Hair Systems are wearable hair that can be in place for weeks at a time (as opposed to a wig that is worn daily). The technology of these breathable systems blend together with any active lifestyle, even swimming.  Losing your hair happens to all of us, it’s a naturally occurring part of how we’re made.. however losing your hair prematurely and it not growing back is never easy. Here’s the good news… you don’t have to lose your style with it. Nor do you have to put up with trying to style naturally thin hair either.


In the past decade, hair systems have managed to bud out into popularity as a modern non-surgical hair loss solution that has won the hearts of millions of followers. The days of the old ‘toupee’ are well and truly gone… enter a new world of wearable hair…


What is a Mens Hair System?

Typically  a mens hair system refers to a hair piece of smaller size that is worn at the top and crown area of the scalp for partial coverage to cover hair loss. Unlike a hair wig that offers full coverage of your head. It can be made using either synthetic or real human hair.

Broadly speaking, the best mens hair system is one that should firstly give you a very natural and realistic appearance with the hair perfectly blending with your own hair.  Further to this it will feel very comfy and breathable, as well as easy to wear and remove.

Why Have Mens Hair Systems Become So Popular?

As the technology and options have improved so has the popularity of Hair Systems. They have become extremely user-friendly and customisable. Non-surgical hair replacements including hair systems fulfil their value of use as soon as they are put into use by instantly presenting the full head of hair look wanted by the users. Our hair systems come with practically zero side effects given they are completely non-surgical and medication-free.

Would Anyone Be Able To Tell I Wear  Mens Hair System?

Due to the technology advances and the fine material wearable hair is made from, a mens hair system will mimic your biological hair in feel and hair direction.  Customisation and styling in your mens hair system ensures that no one can detect this is not your own biological hair.




 Typically a lifespan of your hair systems depends largely on; base materials, and how well it is maintained at home.

Mens hair systems that are made of high-quality materials coupled with an excellent manufacturing process and proper routine care / maintenance will have an average lifespan of 3-6 months.  

Hairpiece users must give maintenance to their pieces every one – three weeks to achieve a clean and natural look. 

This is when the whole hairpiece would be removed from your scalp, and the inside of the hairpiece and your scalp are both cleaned, scalp trimmed if needed and all residue removed to ensure a healthy environment.

Then the hairpiece is reattached again.

This process will be repeated every 1-3 weeks for the lifespan of the hairpiece.


Mens hair systems that have been bonded correctly will not fly off your head.  Wind specifically requires something with a space underneath to be able to have any hope of lifting anything.  With your mens hair system, there simply is no space where wind can ‘grab’ your piece and have any affect.  So in summary as long as your bond is secure (whether that be tape, glue) you won’t have any issues with strong wind.





One of the primary factors that influence the durability & lifespan  of a mens hair system is the base material. Generally, the thinness of a skin base has the shortest lifespan; the Australian base style and mono bases are a bit longer lifespan.

Not only does the “Australian Base” appear super natural-looking complemented with real human hair, it is also widely appreciated for being incredibly comfy and breathable. With a PU back and side edging lace front integration this is the very best option for summer wear given how much it works against sweating. While the sturdy mono base has a full mono edge and hard hairline.

The Full skin mens hair systems are a hit among the majority of hair wearers for a number of reasons. The thinnest base of all provides a more natural-looking the hairpiece appears.

During your consultation, your specialist will consider your lifestyle and desired outcome to determine which will be the correct base for you.


Several different fibres are used for making hair systems; synthetic, Remy Hair, and other human hair fibres or combination of human hair & synthetic, high heat tolerant sythetic. All these hair types go through a variety of chemical processes and procedures to craft them into the hair you wear. A great example of how combinations of fibres mould together beautifully are grey styles. These are achieved by knotting synthetic grey hairs through a human hair base.

Australian Base
Full Skin Mens Hair System


After establishing which style will work for you best, a specialist will measure the affected area taking into account where hair will need to sit to create the specific style you’ve chosen. 

 The scalp will be prepared and cleaned. 

 Either your piece will be attached with clips, tape, bonding glue or a combination of all methods. 

 The different methods of attachment all offer different length of wearing times. 

 CLIPS Perfect for when you like to wear your system on a day to day basis 

 TAPE The wig tape can hold your system in place for 3 – 5 days before requiring any reattachment. 

BONDING GLUE With a 1-3 week longevity the bonding glue offers you a good amount of time between installations.



Mens hairpiece are designed to suit your lifestyle so you can continue to exercise as normal.

Although swimming in pools or salt water is not recommended.

As the water breaks down the adhesive faster than normal and can damage the quality of the hair.


Hair systems shouldn’t be washed too frequently. Once or twice a week is enough, any more can risk drying out the hair or causing tangles. Avoid using hot water and yes you can wash your system in the shower, however there are some rules to follow including using a wide tooth comb to detangle and avoid any friction or hard scrubbing.


Typically, it is recommended that hairpiece users switch hair systems or give maintenance to their pieces every one – two weeks to achieve a clean and natural look. There are many factors that will be taken into consideration as to how often you remove and replace your system, the good news is that it will stay in place for a good length of time in between a full clean.


Getting the perfect result from your mens hair system is completely reliant on a couple of factors … choosing the right system for you and your lifestyle and having the mens hair system measured and fitted properly. 

An Initial Consultation with a Mens Hairpiece Specialist will be a friendly introduction into what you can look forward to and expect from a mens hair piece.  They will run through some options best suited to your requirements and show you pieces and how they work.

To make your piece, your measurements will be taken and a custom made mens hair piece produced that will fit your hair loss area perfectly.  The colour and density of your piece will be customised to blend seamlessly with your own biological hair.

When it is time for your installation, this consultation will involved ensuring that your surface is completely clean, hair free and ready for an application/bonding. 

Once the piece is attached, your specialist will trim/style your mens hair piece to integrate into your own hair.  

Your Mens Hair Piece Specialist will also provide you with the knowledge and tools on how to maintain/clean and look after your piece.  With the correct maintenance your piece will have the best chance at a good life span. 


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