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Human Hair Toppers For Women – Everything You Need To Know

Human hair clip on toppers have firmly established themselves as a ‘must have’ for any woman who likes to have their hair looking great all the time. These are not only life changing for ladies who have experienced hair loss, they are also an essential for a quick getting ready trick for women who enjoy a quick and easy solution for their hair always looking perfect.  Whether you’ve experienced hair loss from medication, stress, alopecia or just have always had thin hair, a human hair topper will surely be life changing in how you see yourself in the mirror.  It’s surprising just how often ‘great hair’ isn’t actually the wearer’s own biological hair.  News readers, celebrities, and fashionistas alike all wear toppers to ensure their hair stays looking perfect.  Human hair toppers for women have revolutionised hair styling for anyone wanting extra volume or length whilst keeping the look as natural looking as possible

How Do Human Hair Toppers For Women Work?

A click of a few snap clips simply hold your topper into your own biological hair.  A selection of different styles of bases make sure that there is a design of human hair topper for everyone.  The topper will clip in, be integrated with your own hair and stay looking great.  A bonus is that your human hair topper will stay styled until you wash it (or it gets wet) meaning that you have ready to go hair in an instant, cutting down getting ready time to a minimum.

What about if I have a bald patch and the clips don’t have any hair to clip into? 

Nothing to worry about … every topper is designed with the ability of the clips being moved to suit hair loss patterns.  Human hair toppers can be customised to blend seamlessly into your own hair and the clips moved to wherever they need to be to suit your hair loss pattern.  For our lovely ladies who have no hair at the front to clip a topper into, we have a wonderful topper gripper solution which can be custom fitted into the topper.  Similar to a head band, the topper gripper will ensure your topper is secured at the front the front and clipped into your own hair at the back.

Will a human hair topper damage my hair? Having a specialist fit your hair topper or consulting with a specialist online to ensure you are wearing the right human hair topper for your hair loss pattern is important to ensure you have the right base to suit your requirements. We have had recommendations for our Charlie topper from medical specialists due to the way it sits on your head – as it’s like a jewish cap and doesn’t rely on the clips to stay in please, there is very minimum amounts of relyance on the clips for it to stay in place.  For ladies who experience hair breakage, the larger base hair toppers will always be the safest choice.

How to Correctly Apply a Hair Topper

Once you have your perfect hair topper you are ready to clip it in and strut your stuff! One of our wonderful suppliers, Jon Renau recommends these steps to attach your hair topper with ease: 1. Open all the clips on the underside of the topper. 2. You can choose to lightly tease your hair in the areas where the topper clips will attach to get a more secure hold. 3. Place the topper over the area of hair loss and secure the front clip. 4. Place light pressure over the top of the hairpiece and run your fingers over the length of the base to secure the back clips. 5. Keep the base pulled tightly across the top as you secure any remaining clips. 6. Style and blend hair as desired.

For most of our clients we recommend that you simply clip the first clip just a little bit back from your hair line and secure the front clip.  Usually it’s best to then secure the back clip/s and finally the side clips.  If any of the clips feel tight simply release the clip and re-clip, allowing your hair to relax.

Why Human Hair Toppers, not Synthetic Hair Toppers?

Human hair toppers are more versatile than their synthetic counterparts because they can be heat styled. You can easily create a straight style one day and beachy waves the next with ease.

Toppers are applied 1 to 2 cm back from the front hairline. This means you need to match the topper to the colour of your biological hair, and often this can be much lighter around your face.

Human hair toppers can be customised via colour and trimming to blend seamlessly with your own hair, whereas this option is not available with synthetic hair toppers. Also Human hair toppers have a much longer life than synthetic toppers.

Did you know putting your hair up into a ponytail with a human hair topper is a breeze because toppers only attach to the crown (top) of the head allowing you to put your hair up effortlessly?  Human hair toppers generally have a monofilament base construction, meaning the hair is individually tied into a clear mesh base so the hair looks like it’s actually growing out of your scalp.

When do I know I Need To Wear A Human Hair Topper?

How long is a piece of string?  Some ladies wear a human hair topper for purely cosmetic reasons, covering grey regrowth/more volume or length.  However if you have thin hair or have noticed that your hair is becoming thinner, then maybe it’s time to see how amazing these toppers can look for you.  Some of the most beautiful transformations happen when ladies who have been putting up with bald areas on their head pop on their human hair topper.  The years literally fall away and they are back looking how they want to look.

What Is The LifeSpan of a Human Hair Topper?

Most of our suppliers say around 12 months is a general guide for the life of a human hair topper looking great.  It will depend a little on how well the topper is treated.  We recommend using a lot of treatment/conditioner for human hair toppers and always air drying them after washing.

Are Human Hair Toppers Hard To Style?

Exactly the same as your own hair, human hair toppers can be styled using any heated tool, hot rollers, velcro rollers.  You can style your topper when it’s clipped in or choose to pre-style on a mannequin head.  Washing your human hair topper is a breeze too… here’s a look into how easy it is to wash your human hair topper (same method is used for a synthetic hair topper too)

"I am a very happy customer, the girls were lovely and they had so much patience with me, they tried on many options, with no pressure to buy. But when she put my topper on my, I just had to have it"
March 2023

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