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Wigs Tips For The Gym

Working out at the gym with a wig needn’t be a deterant for not enjoying your time working out. One of our gorgeous models and instagram influencer Ellie runs us through her ideas on how to live with wigs at the gym in this little blog…

“I used to be super conscious of what to do when exercising in a wig, if you have exercised in a wig you would know what I mean when I say your head feel like it sweats 1000% more as your hair doesn’t soak it up. I was also always worried of not being able to tie my wig out of my face and it slipping off if I didn’t glue it down!”



Don’t be afraid to go to the toilet and wipe your head down! (I find a cold press helps as well).

Get that hair out of your face, if you aren’t comfortable putting it in a bun or pony tail try a side plait/low pony tail/bun or half up half down works a treat and you head can breath a little more.

If you have the option try wearing a low density short wig (this solves a lot of problems🤣).

Try to remember everyone is in the gym to better themselves. It’s so easy to feel self conscious in the gym especially whilst going through hair loss!

If you are going to stick your hair down I would 100% recommend using tape on the front instead! As glue can start to feel tacky the hotter and sweatier you get!

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