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Keep Your Hair On!

We’ve all heard of wig toppers right? Well what about if we let you in on a little secret… there’s a brand new grip system for our topper range being released here at The Australian Wig Company.

Our purpose is to provide beautiful hair solutions for people who are experiencing or have experienced hair loss. It’s our mission to always try to incorporate as much of our clients’ biological hair as we can in the solution and toppers are our number one go to. We customise our toppers to suit individual hair loss patterns, however in some cases, there will still need to be additional grip of some sort involved as the hair loss pattern has left very little or no hair at the front/crown area. Enter Hold Onto Your Topper, the latest wig grip system designed especially for hair toppers.

So, before our Keep Your Topper On grip system, we were limited to recommending a wig as the hair loss solution for severe hair loss like our lovely lady shown here. Now we can confidently recommend integrating a beautiful topper in with your biological hair even if you have no hair at the front/crown. The grip system is just perfect for you.

What makes the Keep Your Topper On grip system different from a normal wig gripper?

Well, for a start the shape is quite different. So instead of being a head band shape, this topper gripper is  wider at the top and tapers down to a nearly invisible adjustable stretch band.   Wear it like a headband and the topper attaches to the gripper.  If clips are required, they can be clipped into the topper, effectively eliminating the need to clip onto any of your biological hair. 

There are two sizes of Keep Your Topper On grips systems, a small one that’s suitable for all the mini toppers (like the Charlie Mini and the easiPart from Jon Renau) and the size pictured below which is suitable for all of the other toppers.

This design offers the help where it is needed the most… at the top of the head.  It has exactly the same gripping method as our wig grippers do, the gripper is placed with the rough direction going backwards (away from the front of your head).

Keep Your Topper On can be attached so it becomes a permanent feature of your topper too by sewing then in to your topper. A sure fire way for anyone with later stages of hair loss patterns to have the ability of wearing a topper and integrating it into their biological hair without the worry of the topper slipping at all.

Fully adjustable and comfortable to wear

Does it work with no hair at all?

The short answer is yes, however for toppers to work great, it is ideal to have the option of integrating your biological hair into them, so we would usually recommend going for a full wig. This can be used with a full wig too, however we use and recommend two other grippers for wig use. The velcro band gripper and the bamboo cap gripper.

Our Standard Velcro Wig Gripper
Take a closer look at the grip system for toppers 🙂

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