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Kids With Wigs; financial and emotional help

It’s great to know that there is help at hand when it comes to paying for your child’s wig and we thank the helpful parents who have shared with us with the pathways of how they found the grants and financial help that is available. We also know of some great groups that provide advice, events and general help that we’re sharing with you on this blog.

The biggest tip we can give you is to always get your quote FIRST, have all your paperwork ready before applying for the grants. Make sure to apply before purchasing – can’t claim retrospectively, it’s highly recommended to get a quote or invoice in advance and then make the application.

Aalyah wearing one of The Australian Wig Company kids wigs 🙂

Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation (AAAF)

This website provides loads of support and information regarding all forms of alopecia – advice for kids, parents and adults including free camps & fun activities with other kids

AAAF Wigs for Kids program This program is offered for Alopecia only and provides $400 towards a wig. It’s a wonderful program offered by the Australian Alopecia Areata Foundation.

Alopecia Support Group Perth

Here in Perth we have our very own support group and our parents have shared that this is a lovely supportive group of people. It’s a great place to ask questions and find out all sorts of things from people who are going through the same as you. The support for parents with kids with alopecia is invaluable and helps the family work through any challenges you may be experiencing. There are social events, and get togethers organised in Perth and rural areas of WA by this group too.

Health Insurance Provider

If you have private health cover ask whether it covers medically necessary wigs/hairpieces. There are various rebates for cancer/ alopecia and they all differ in what is included in a policy, but most provide some rebate for medically necessary wigs/ hairpieces. For example one of our clients were able to claim 75% of costs up to $400 per year with HIF.

Variety – Wigs for kids program

The Variety Club offers a grant for cancer and alopecia of up to $6000 per year. You can apply for a grant from this program. The application process may feel a little daunting but not a big deal when you get into it and well worth the effort it takes. Make sure to apply before purchasing – as we mentioned in the introduction you can’t claim retrospectively, so be sure to get a quote in advance and then make the application.

If you’d like an Information / Grants sheet sent to you please let us know … just send a request to and we’ll get a copy to you

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