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Wig Safety Announcement – Best Summer Wig Care Tips

WARNING!!!  Summer is here … It’s the time that wigs and toppers get affected the most out of all the times in a year.  Damaging sun rays, perspiration,  makeup, sunblock, you name . All the enemies of a great looking wig are out to play and in full force.  So here they are – the best summer wig care tips to keep your wigs and toppers looking their best through the hot months ahead




In Australia we have one of the highest UV ratings in the world.  The sun here is relentless – super charged rays do their best to bleach and fade our clothes and hair.   This is the time of year we book in the most recolours out of all the months in the year and it’s directly due to the effects being in the sun has on your hair.  

If you like the look of orange tinges at the hairline of your wigs and toppers then zinc will do the trick :). On the other hand if you prefer to keep your wig looking like the day you bought it, zinc in makeup will react with the hair and change the colour quite dramatically.

Swimming … Sleeping … Sunglasses/hats on top of head.

For your beautiful wigs and toppers to stay in tip top condition we recommend avoiding all of the above.  Both chlorine and salt water will deteriorate the hair fibres on wigs and toppers.  Sleeping in your wig or topper increases tangling and knotting of your hair fibres and can in fact pull out hair fibres from the cap.  As will sunglasses and hats on top of your wig and toppers – anything on top has the danger of pulling hair out.


With the rays of the sun having the ability to bleach and fade our wigs and toppers the key is to safeguard agains this happening.  

  • Avoid lengthy periods in full sun, opt to be in a shaded area
  • If you do need to be in the sun choose a topper or wig that is your second one, keep your good ones out the sun completely wherever possible to avoid recolouring.


  • Help regenerate cells.
  • Has antiseptic and astringent properties.
  • Helps balance the skins oil production.
  • Reduces appearance of large pores.
  • Enhances collagen synthesis.
  • Regenerates connective tissue.
  • DOESN’T WORK WITH WIGS :(. Hair that comes in contact with zinc will react in an adverse way – the colour will change and become orange.  When wearing your hair toppers and wigs, avoid using any makeup that has zinc in it.



One of the best summer wig care tips is to avoid placing sunglasses or eye glasses on top of your wig / topper.  These items have a massive tendency to pull out hair fibres from the wig cap leaving you with bald patches on your wig / topper.  Wearing hats on top of your wig/topper can have the same result too – it’s best to avoid placing anything over your wig and toppers and instead opt for the Elsie – Hat Hair which has been designed to wear hats on top of it.  This is a much cooler option in Summer too!


One of the quickest ways to wear your wig down is to subject it to chlorine or salt water.  The hair fibres in a wig / topper will react in an adverse way and deteriorate quite quickly with contact to chlorine and salt water.  

Best Summer Wig Care Tip is to wear a bathing cap and if you really love having your hair for swimming (and sleeping for that matter) there are permanent hair additions that provide this option too.  

You could always use an old wig that is already showing signs of wear for your beach/pool visits too.  


As Summer kicks in so does the heat and perspiration.   Extra washing may be required during the Summer months.  Try these Summer Wig Care Tips to keep your wig & toppers looking gorgeous

  • Wear your hair up (see tutorial on how to put up a wig with Sienna)  Wearing your hair up helps keep the hair from the elements and at the same time keeps you cooler.  There will be less hair touching any perspiration on your skin with hair up too.
  • Wash and condition your hair more often.  Remember to always gently comb out any tangles prior to washing and use plenty of conditioner
  • Use Simply Stylin spray with Synthetic wigs and toppers to keep them nourished and refreshedi

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