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Unboxing Your Wig

A couple of tips for when you wear your new wig for the first time.

Always an exciting time to receive a new style and try it on for the first time. There’s a few things to remember when you receive a brand new wig so that you will have the style looking like the style you purchased and loved.

Shake the style into place

With any wig, regardless of the type of fibre, human hair or synthetic it is important to remove the style from the box and the netting, hold it firmly at the base and give it a good shake. Being packed into a little box does mean the style has been squashed down a little, so it is a simple thing to do, and works especially well for synthetic wigs, just give it a good shake. By shaking the style you’re adding back air into it and allowing it to spring back into the gorgeous style it is designed to have.


Ok, for synthetics it stands to reason that we are choosing a specific wig because of the style that it offers. You can modify this style slightly if the wig fibres allow it and we have a great little tutorial video to show you how to do a heat tolerance strand test and then go ahead to modify a synthetic wig to your liking.

Styling a Synthetic wig and how to do a heat tolerance strand test

Styling Human Hair Wigs

As a general rule, human hair wigs are NOT designed to be worn straight out of the box. Human Hair wigs are just like your own biological hair and will require some styling to achieve the looks you may have seen of the wig. Good news is that the human hair wigs will tolerate the same levels of heat as your biological hair, so really the possibilities for styles are enormous! You can take a straight wig into a beach wave or curled style by just taking the time to pop the wig onto a mannequin head, and styling the curls in using your heating tool.

If you like the style straight, not as much styling will be needed (if any). However just check that the hair is sitting right after being packaged into a box by shaking it out and seeing how it sits.

If you have a few different wigs we recommend that you have your wigs all lined up ready for wear on mannequin heads. This is definitely the advantage a wig has over biological hair – your wigs are always pre-styled and take a matter of minutes to get ready rather than the time it takes when styling biological hair every time 😉

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