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Alternatives To Wigs For Women

Many people think that hair loss only affects men. However, it is estimated that more than 50% of women will experience noticeable hair loss at some stage in their lives.  It’s good to know that there are many beautiful alternatives to wigs for women and losing hair doesn’t mean losing your identity or confidence in how you look.  At our Perth Showroom we see anywhere between 30-50 ladies every week who are suffering some form of hair loss or thinning and although there are really amazing wigs available, a majority of the time we see our lovely clients walking out with an alternative to wigs.

I think it’s a common belief that when we lose our hair loss we automatically think of a wig as the only solution.   Great news!  it’s not the case.  Even though the wigs available to us these days offer sublime comfort, fit and beautiful hair, there are so many alternatives to wigs for women available now.  From our Perth Showroom we find the human hair toppers are the most popular alternative to wigs for women, however there are several other options that offer fantastic quick sytling options for hair loss.

Human hair wigs will forever be an ideal solution for ladies who have  experienced significant hair loss or have no hair at all. A great fitting human hair wig will be the ideal option and will provide instant hair styling options.  The upside of wearing a wig these days is that fact that you can get a supremely natural looking wig that fits so comfortably and no one would ever tell it’s not your own hair.  But what about the downsides?  Well, let’s address some of those with alternatives to wigs for women.  The biggest downside to wearing a wig or topper is that you can’t sleep or swim in it.  We’ll take a look at the alternatives to wigs for women in this blog and let you be the judge of what may be the best option for you and your lifestyle 🙂

Let’s start with hairpieces.  Hair Extensions and Hair toppers fall into this category and offer great alternatives to wigs for women.  They are added to existing hair to create instant length, volume or coverage.  They can be made of human hair or synthetic hair and offer a multitude of colours.


  • Clip-in hair — Best temporary human hair extension.  When you’re wanting quick styling results with more volume and length, clip in hair extensions provide an ideal choice.  Simply section and clip into your own hair. 
  • Tape-in hair — Best semi-permanent real hair extensions, these are placed as a sandwich onto your own hair by a professional extensionist and can be worn as if they are your own hair.  A little extra care is required when washing your hair with extensions in, but this is a great option if you’re after volume and length for your own hair.
  • Sew-in hair — Natural-looking real human hair extension… the extensions are professionally sewn into your hair by a professional extensionist.  This is arguably the most realistic result of all the extensions





Human Hair toppers can be blended seamlessly in with your own hair.  They offer a no damage option and are simply clipped into your own hair using the pressure sensitive clips (similar to extensions clips). Human Hair toppers have the ability to be customised to suit your own hair colour and styled in to match your hair style.  They are not designed to be slept in and swimming is not recommended (similar to human hair wigs)… however human hair toppers are the ideal choice for ladies experiencing thinning on their crown area.  A human hair topper will cover the areas of thinning with an undetectable result.  Hair toppers also come in synthetic options which also provide a great coverage and instant volume/length, but without the ability of being able to be customised as much as human hair toppers and the longevity of human hair toppers.

HAIR SYSTEMS – Extended period of time & safe to sleep / swim in

Also referred to hair replacements, human hair systems for women are custom made to fit the individual’s head and are attached to the scalp using various methods such as adhesive, clips or sewing.  A human hair hair system can be worn for extended periods of time and treated just like your own hair.  You can sleep and swim in hair systems for women.


Brand new to the market is the Elsie – Hat Hair, a wonderful alternative to wearing wigs for women.  As seen on the featured image on the left this has luxurious European hair simply attached to a form fitting stretch piece that sits firmly onto your head which can then have a hat or scarf added – whatever takes your fancy.  The absolute beautiful of the Elsie – Hat Hair is that you can wear hats and still have a cool head as you’re not wearing a full wig.  We don’t recommend wearing a hat with any wig as it can cause damage to hand tied areas of a wig.  The is one of the most perfect alternatives to wearing a wig for women as it ticks so many boxes!


There are great scarves available on the market that have been designed to provide an illusion that hair is underneath rather than hugging closely to your scalp.  These have brought a refreshing new look into wearing scarves.  Covering your head is super important with our strong UV rays here in Australia, scarves and hats provide a quick easy way to achieve protection and cover for thinning or no hair. 

Hats with or without hair attached are a quick way to provide instant cover for your head.  Relatively new to the market are caps with human hair attached offering a very cool option for wearable hair.  On a hot summers day, a human hair hat is a cool alternative to wearing a full wig and still ticks the box of having the real hair result.  You can find hats with both human hair and synthetic hair options attached.


A luxurious range of sleep caps ensure your head is covered and perhaps you can feel a little less naked when retiring for the night.  The sleep caps ensure your head is kept warm while sleeping and look really lovely too.


Visit your dermatologist and discuss the options available to you and discover if any will suit your hair growth opportunities.  There are many options available from supplements to oils which help regrow hair and they can be used in conjunction with hair pieces and hair systems.


So put your mind at ease,   In addition to the beautiful human hair and synthetic wig options available  you also have many alternatives to wigs available to you.  No need to put up with having thin or no hair, there’s so many possibilities for women experiencing hair loss or even for ladies who just want to create extra volume and length in general.  It really comes down to personal preference and an individual’s own needs.  It’s always a good thing to have several options available especially when it comes to something so personal as your hair and how you look.  It’s best to explore the different alternatives to wig options and find that one that works best for you … we recommend having a consult with a hair loss specialist so you can make an informed decision on which option fits your hair loss and lifestyle requirements.

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