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What Are Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers are a clip in piece designed to provide coverage for anyone wanting volume on the top of their head.  They can also be  known as a half wig or top piece and  are very  useful when your hair begins to go visibly thin.

The coverage that you need from your hair topper will vary depending on how big the affected area on your scalp is.  There are many different sized and shaped hair topper bases for this reason.   To work out which one is the right fit for your requirements and hair loss or thinning patterns we highly recommend having a consultation with a wig specialist.


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One of the most popular bases is the Ergonomic base from Private Collection.  This base provides more volume for the back of the head.

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The lowest density and smallest sized base is a mini which sits over the part line of the wearer, sometimes this is all that’s needed to fill in and provide a bit of volume. 

Clips can be removed/placed in different positions to reflect where your hair growth pattern is.

Should you Hair Topper be shorter or longer than your own hair?

Save to say a hair topper won’t grow in length at all, so we always recommend purchasing a hair topper that’s a little  longer than your own hair.  You can always have the hair topper trimmed or grow your own hair to match the length of the hair topper.

Can You Wear A Hair Topper All Day?

Yes, hair toppers are designed to be worn all day. They have pressure sensitive clips that will safely attach your hair topper to your own hair.  If you feel any discomfort from the clips when you attach your hair topper, simply undo the clip and reattach. It’s important to make sure that you’re clipping to a sufficient amount of biological hair and therefore recommended that you always seek the advice of a wig specialist when purchasing your hair topper.

Is a Hair Topper More Comfortable than a Wig?

eA hair topper is designed to blend in with your own hair and offer an lighter, smaller alternative to a full wig.  Hair Toppers cover a considerably smaller section of your head and will offer a cooler hair solution than a wig.  In general a hair topper will be considered more comfortable to wear than most hair wigs due to their lighter, less covering and cooler nature.  

How Often Should You Wash a Hair Topper?

This can be a personal choice.  A hair topper doesn’t need to be washed constantly, rather only when it shows signs of needing a wash ie build up of product, or perhaps sweat from warm days/exercise or just a little smelly.  It’s always nice to give your hair topper a little refresh so we say around once a month is pretty usual.  It depends on how often you wear your hair topper and your own personal preferences.

For synthetic toppers we also recommend using Simply Styllin spray to rejuvenate the fibres.  Just do a light spray at the end of your wash process when you leave the hair topper to air dry.

Five Things To Consider Before Purchasing a Hair Topper

  • Type of Topper Hair Extensions.  Are you going to want human hair which can be customised to blend in with your own hair seamlessly or are you happy with synthetic
  • Consider the Coverage and Length
  • Hair Density and Hair Colour.  The lighter the density the more natural a hair topper will look.
  • Choose the correct base for what you’re wanting to achieve.  There’s several different styles and sizes of hair topper bases, a specialist can help you choose the right one for your requirements.
  • Buy From a Company You Trust.
I am currently sitting at home crying happy tears over the beautiful experience I had at Perth Wig Specialist today. I have been suffering from alopecia for years but my hair loss has really accelerated in the last 12 months. With a special needs child and an elderly mum to care for I hadn’t taken the time to look into a solution for my hair misery. Plus, in all honesty, I was nervous to speak with someone in person about it. I finally got the courage to go and I am so glad I did. Please don’t wait as long as I did! As soon as you walk in the door at Perth Wig Specialist you instantly feel at ease. The staff are gorgeous and the private rooms are beautiful. You never feel rushed or pressured. Mara is just lovely. She has years of experience both as a hair dresser and hair piece professional. I came in thinking I would need a full wig but Mara showed me how a topper could work in with the hair I have left. Having had fine hair all my life it was such a joy to feel a full head of hair that I can actually wear down! She found a perfect colour match in human hair and trimmed it to suit my face. I walked out wearing my new hair feeling like a million dollars. Hair can be customised in lots of ways so you can be confident of getting something you love. I usually avoid going out anywhere special because of my hair. Now I can’t wait! Other things I appreciated include being shown how to attach the hair and given the opportunity to practise. Mara also explained how to care for the hair piece and provided me with special shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, she let me know that there are rebates available through certain health funds which I never knew! Losing your hair can be incredibly tough; most people who don’t have experience with it can’t understand. 
The staff at Perth Wig Specialist certainly do understand. Please do yourself a favour and make an appointment, you’ll be well looked after
Jo Waterman

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