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Travelling with Wigs and Toppers

What are your summer (or winter) travel plans? Whether you’re heading for a relaxing cocktail by the pool/ beach escape or visiting a bustling city, we’ve got you covered when it comes to travel with wigs and hair toppers. The excellent news is that you won’t have to ever worry about your hair at all… forget about regrowth, styling, changes in humidity… you’ll always have perfect hair with your human hair wig or hair topper.

Why Travel With Wigs or Toppers?

The choice to wear a human hair wig or a human hair topper can be for a myriad of reasons. The benefits of having your hair looking perfect all the time without the stress of having to style every time is definitely a relief. Being on holidays means having a break from everything, including spending hours getting ready for going out! Human hair wigs and toppers eliminate the worry of frizz hair from humidity, the thoughts of regrowth simply disappear and for thinning hair or hair loss, your topper and wig will be your perfect hair every day.

Choosing the Right Hair Wig for Travel

We recommend taking your beautiful human hair topper or wig as your main one, plus a back up. This can either be an older wig or topper or perhaps a synthetic wig or topper that will provide a similar result to your main one. There are a few reasons we recommend this, a big one is when wearing hats or going to the beach/pool and also the worry of your beautiful topper being delayed in luggage.

For air travel on long hauls, we’d suggest skipping on the length of the hair topper or wig. Keep the length short or mid length when travelling through airports and on planes. The friction of the wig against the seat while you’re sitting for long periods or napping can cause unnecessary knotting. Plus the constant taking bags on and off your shoulders the possibility of long hair getting caught in the bags straps is eliminated with a shorter option.

Preparing for Travel with Hair Wigs

Always better to wash and style your wig prior to leaving for travel. Give her a normal wash, allow to air dry and then style as you normally would. If you use velcro rollers you can even consider leaving these in.

If you choose to pack your beautiful hair wig or topper into your checked luggage, it’s ideal to use a silk or satin bag / pillowcase. The silky nature of the bag will eliminate any tangles occurring. Another clever idea is to grab a ziplock bag and a drinking straw. Turn your wig inside out, tucking and wrapping the length neatly. Place the wig in the bag and begin to seal, slipping the straw in at the corner. When the bag is sealed to the straw, blow up the bag a bit, slip the straw out and finish sealing. Now your wig is safely encased in its own little protective bubble!

Sometimes if you travel internationally you can get caught up at the security and your bag gets rummaged through. If you want to avoid your hair wig or topper being damaged or tangled by this, you could consider simply repacking it back into it’s original package/box. This way there’s no doubt what your topper or wig is for the security guard and it remains safe inside the box during the rummaging.

If you are planning to be away for a period of time and think you may need to wash your hair wigs or toppers, then make sure to take travel sizes of your products with you. Also pack a collapsible wig stand, these are great, they light flat and are very light plastic.

Wearing Hair Wigs During Travel

Arguably the most commonly asked question is whether a hair topper will be detected when you go through security checks. It is highly unlikely that your topper will be detected as it’s just like wearing bobby pins. In the off chance you are questioned, you can simply explain that you’re wearing hair extensions.

For short flights, wearing a hair wigs and toppers generally don’t have any issues attached. It’s the long haul flights that can be a little tricky as the friction from sitting/napping in the seats can cause tangling and even some discomfort for you as the clips may rub against your head. Consider an alternative if you want premium comfort… perhaps walk in with your topper on, then in the ladies room remove your topper and put any hair up and wear a lovely comfortable head band. For wigs, keeping the wig length shorter rather than super long is beneficial. Choose a wig that’s short – medium length.

Travelling with Wigs : FAQs

Can I wear my hair topper through airport security?
Yes absolutely. It is extremely unlikely that any clips will set off alarms as you walk through. They are similar to bobby pins and if you do need to explain… just say you have extensions in.
Do I need to remove my hair topper during a flight?
No it’s not necessary, however on long flights where you may be napping/sleeping it is probably a good idea as this will be more comfortable for you and less damaging to the topper. Wearing a lovely head band is a great option once you’re in the plane… put your own hair up and then place a head band on - it is a great way to travel comfortably.
Can I wear my hair topper to the pool or beach?
We highly recommend that you have a second hair topper with you for this purpose. Avoid wearing your beautiful human hair topper to the beach if you can. There’s no harm of course if you don’t plan to go in, however there’s a couple of reasons why it’s better to wear an alternative one to your best. Sunlight will affect your topper just like it does your own hair, it oxidises and lightens. Avoid swimming with your good topper on. Salt water and chlorine both are very damaging to human hair toppers. If you have an old topper, this is when it will be the perfect choice … you can do everything you want with an old topper… or another idea is to purchase a cheaper synthetic topper for the beach/pool.
How often should I wash my hair topper while on a trip?
Most of the time, you probably won’t need to worry about washing your topper at all, especially if you’ve washer her just before leaving. However, if you do wear her to the beach (not going in of course), then the salt spray may go through her, or if you are in a hot destination, there may be a need for a wash to remove perspiration. If you have a folding wig stand, be sure to bring it along! If not, no worries— you can use an ice bucket or even a lamp shade as an improvised resting spot and always remember to pack travel sizes of your products.
Can I wear my hair topper in humid weather?
Oh yes, this is where your hair topper comes into her own. You can look forward to perfect hair no matter what the humidity is. Human hair toppers will not have the same frizz reaction as biological hair. It’s wonderful!

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