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What Kind Of Wigs Looks Most Real?

In the world of wigs, there are so many options and each one offers a different level of ‘realness’ to how a wig sits and looks on you.  Although a little daunting to start with, finding what kind of wigs look most real on you will be a relatively simply task when we narrow down the type of thing to look for when making your personal selection.  Three main factors will determine overall in regards to which wig will be the most suitable to meet your requirements.

  1. Lifestyle – how is your wig going to be worn/how will it fit into your lifestyle
  2. Budget – this will determine your affordability level and whether a human hair wig is achievable.  Don’t forget to contact your Private Health Insurance to see if you qualify for a rebate too – this can help affordability when you factor the rebate in.
  3. Result Desired – do you want to be able to put the wig up/ change the styling / wear it every day

Once you’ve got a clear picture on the three main factors let’s take a look into what kind of wigs look most real and how they will fit into your requirements.

For wigs that are going to be worn every day, a human hair fibre will be the ideal choice, and one that’s been customised especially for you is the optimum choice.  Human hair wigs have the same feel and look as your own hair.  On the other hand,  high end synthetics, (like the new Techno Fibre from the Petite Wig Company) provide a VERY close match to how human hair looks and feels, plus they can actually be styled up to 130 degrees in heat making them a pretty close second to human hair for selecting which kind of wigs look most real.


Remy Human Hair Wigs vs Synthetic Fibre Wigs

To experience some of the highest quality and the kind of wigs that look the most realistic, REMY human hair wigs offer a natural looking style and soft feel.  They tend to look and feel just like your own hair and offer superb realism.  Just like your own hair, human hair wigs will require more upkeep and styling.  However let’s be honest human hair wigs are unsurpassed for versatility when it comes to styling.  You can literally treat a human hair wig like you would your own hair.   Human Hair wigs offer longevity too; with the correct care a human hair wig will last you far longer than their synthetic counterpart. 

Why Remy Human Hair?  You may have seen the very cheap options for human hair online and thought that sounds awesome, but buyer beware.  The hair needs to be Remy for it to be any good as a wig.  Remy is when the hair cuticles have been kept running in the same direction (like your own hair).  If this hasn’t been monitored and done properly, then the hair will simply end up tangled.  There are different grades for human hair wigs too, definitely always insist on Remy hair, but if you want extra silky, consider European Human Hair wigs.  These really offer the kind of wigs that look most real and feel just sensational to the touch.


The way the wig is put together is a massive factor in what kind of wigs look most real.  When it comes to not looking ‘wiggy’ here’s the three most important elements to look for in your natural looking wig…


A lace front gives the illusion that hair is growing from your scalp and enables a natural looking face line area to your wig.  A lace front wig features mesh with individually hand-tied fibres that extend a bit onto your forehead and virtually disappear against your skin.  It’s this feature that makes them so realistic.

There are a few variations of a lace front though… so even if a wig says it has a lace front… take the time to ensure that the type of lace front is going to give you the desired end result :


Mini Lace Front is where a small section of lace placed just where the hair part starts at the hairline. 

Lace front: The lace material stretches across the middle of the forehead and allows you off-face styling as an option.

Temple-to-temple lace front: A fine/sheer lace stretches from from one temple to the other, across the entire forehead.

TIP When wearing a lace front wig, always position the wig too far forward when you putting her on and then gently pull the wig back into the position you will be wearing her.  This will ensure the lace front area is sitting flat as opposed to folding over and potentially being very uncomfortable / scratchy



Choosing a wig with a monofilament cap construction is definitely a tick when it comes to the kind of wigs the look most real.  Made using a fine mesh fabric allows your scalp colour to show through.   Sometimes you may also find there is a monofilament with silk cap design … this ensures the wig’s parting line looks as natural and realistic as possible.  The wig’s fibres are  individually hand-tied to a sheer wig cap base/section of the cap with a monofilament base which provides the ability to part in any direction and has the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp.


A hand tied stretch cap would have to be the Rolls Royce of caps hair … these designs have individual fibres hand tied into the entire cap.  They are softer against the scalp and beautiful to wear.  Hand Tied options can be found in synthetic and human hair options, and are generally a little more expensive due to the nature of how they are created.  Wigs that are hand tied definitely provide both realism and comfort for the wearer.

There’s the basics for what wigs look the most real.  There are many variations to how wigs are made and designed, and many grades of human hair fibres available.  When it comes to synthetics, recent technologies has seen the quality of synthetics improve allowing for low heat resistant and in the case to Techno Fibre a mid heat resistance and this fibre in particular is so close to how human hair feels and moves it is hard to guess it’s not real!

Have fun with finding your natural looking wig, whether it’s for hair loss, colour fun or just because, wearing a wig can be life changing and become a strong part of your identity.

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