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The Best 10 Wigs For Achieving A Natural Look


The Wigs That Catch Our Eye…

Yes there are some outstanding winners in the synthetic options, however human hair is always going to be an overall winner when it comes to looking as natural as possible. The ability to style your natural looking wigs just like you would your own hair is definitely a bonus as human hair is tolerant to heat, can be straightened, curled, tonged, whatever your heart desires. By sticking to the following tips you also increase your styling options too, wearing your hair back in a ponytail, away from your face, it’s all possible with these tips.

Choosing your Human Hair Style – top tips…

  • Remy hair (or better) ensuring you will have a good chance of a natural looking result.
  • Cap construction. For the ultimate in fit, comfort and realistic results, you can’t go past the hand tied comfort stretch cap…
  • Monofilament (see through) areas – keeping it real looking
  • Lace front to ensure a most realistic hair line and off face styling options.

Undoubtedly human hair styles offer a more natural look and feel. It may seem like a little more of an investment initially, but the pros do outweigh the cons in the long run. Human hair styles will be longer lasting and offer better quality than their synthetic counterparts.

At the end of the day though, it comes down to personal preference between human hair versus synthetic and there are definite advantages choosing a synthetic when it comes down to some desired outcomes. Synthetics have come a long way and now we find there are synthetic options that are heat tolerant to low heats. We always recommend doing a strand test before applying any heat to synthetics, but these new heat resistant fibres are pretty great. You can see how to do a strand test by watching our styling video…

In this blog we take a look at our top ten styles and why we love them so much.

Carrie Lite – Jon Renau (Remy Human Hair)

From Jon Renau, Carrie Lite is a beautiful light density wig made using Remy human hair. Features include a lace front that extends seamlessly from ear to ear, a SmartLace™ Lite cap provides the most natural-looking front hairline and a 100% hand tied cap that creates the appearance of natural hair growth and a silicone nape that offers extra security for the wearer.

Recently Jon Renau introduced added a petite sized cap in this style… so now it comes in two sizes… average and petite!!

An effortless style that can be worn in so many different ways. Straight bob, flicked at the ends, curled, waved… it’s divine!

Bianca Euro (Human Hair)

Bianco Euro by Private Collection

Private Collection have outdone themselves with this beautiful style. Choice of two lengths and boasting a supremely comfortable small sized cap, the Bianca Euro is made using the finest quality European human hair. Colouring her is a dream due to the quality of the hair so she can be fully customised to suit any requirements whatsoever.

Her style is casual soft layers, face framing and textured to create a ‘just left the salon’ casual look. Ticks all around with this one.

Choose Your Length – Bella Euro & Mia Euro Human Hair

Length is the name of the game when you are wearing the Bella or Mia Euros… now YOU have control over the length of your hair and sky is the limit with our 24″ European human hair option.

No doubt about it, these have been literally walking out the door from our Perth showroom. Bella Euro offers the all one length long bob in luxurious European Human Hair. She literally feels, looks, moves just like dreamy silky hair should. Even more popular is the layered version, Mia Euro.

The Smart Lace front ensures the styles are undetectable, and provides off the face styling options. Stretch comfort caps and monofilament ensure multidirectional parting, plus you think you’re wearing a beanie, these are just so comfortable on.

Instant length with or without layers, the Bella or Mia Euro’s from Private Collection offer the ability to have superior quality comfortable wigs without the heavy price tag.

You will be able to put her on right out of the box, or style her up to any look you may desire.

The Ever Popular & Sought After Blake (Remy Human Hair)

Each strand of this Remy human hair wig is hand-tied. It will give you the natural movement and appearance of being your own hair.  Pure luxury at it’s finest. Blake comes in a lite version with a lower hair density too… simply amazing.

100% Remy human hair, Blake offers a SmartLace front providing a natural hairline and allows off your face styling.  She can be styled back in a loose ponytail, quick side clip with some bling, literally styled any way you desire.

Never disappoints and you’ll not want to take her off. Blake from Jon Renau is a go to for long flowing beautiful hair. Available in several cap sizes.

Chic, Stylish Fiona For Everyday Wear (Synthetic)

No matter your age, a chic bob style is going to suit. We love Fiona from Henry Margu for her beautiful elegant chin length style with a long layered fringe.

An open wefted back and sides cap construction allows ventilation to keep you cool, teamed with the monofilament top and lace front. The monotop gives the illusion of natural hair growth from the scalp area and allows multidirectional styling while the Lace Front provides an invisible hairline at the front.

Casual to Cosmopolitan Gabrielle (synthetic)

Gabrielle FS6/30/27

For a gorgeous short style you can’t go past Gabrielle for a natural looking style that offers different looks. This jaw-hugging short bob goes from casual to cosmopolitan with a sweep of the bangs. Its SmartLace front and hand-tied monofilament cap provide natural movement and superb comfort.

Carefree Styling with Riley (synthetic)

natural synthetic hair wigs

Being comfortable and confident in how you look gives you us so much confidence in our lives. Riley is a style that you can take out of her box, shake and wear with confidence. Her carefree, natural styling is a sure fire winner for a realistic result.

The casual face framing is perfection for stylish and flattering at the same time. We love this new look from Henry Margu. A lace front with centre-lace part creates an amazingly realistic look as if hair is growing naturally out of the scalp. Riley is exceptionally lightweight and ready-to-wear for a night out or everyday glam!

Everyday Elegance with Cameron Lite (synthetic)

natural wigs

Cameron Lite just isn’t another bob… this beautiful style all comes down to the quality of the synthetic heat tolerant fibre, the low density and the hand tied cap. Each strand has been hand tied into the base allowing for the most natural multi directional parting possible in a wig. We sell more of the Cameron Lites than any other bobs from our showroom and just recently she has been released in petite size too.

Cameron Lite from Jon Renau is a light weight beautiful natural looking style that will have the most natural result. Lace front enables off the face styling … wear her behind one ear, pull her off your face with a bling clip, whichever way you want to wear her, she won’t disappoint.

Grey Elegance with Lilly Euro Human Hair

natural looking hair wigs

Ok, this is exciting! We have a range from Private Collection that uses natural grey human hair…. it’s just unheard of and you’ve read it right. Our Lilly Euro human hair styles are available. Comes in several lengths and boasts lace front, hand tied along with a stretch back and skin top. This is a rare gem, super realistic and beautiful human hair option for ladies who love the grey shades.

Beachy Dreamy days with January by Jon Renau (synthetic)

natural looking wigs

Beachy wavy layers ensure a carefree/natural looking feel to this stunning short style. Available in a hand tied design for an amazing natural look and feel… the hand tied version is our favourite as it offers the most realistic version… however January is a great choice in any of the options offered by Jon Renau. She also comes in petite.

The SmartLace hairline provides optimal realism and the option to style the hair away from your forehead. The monofilament top gives an option to part the hair however you choose.

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