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Synthetic V’s Human Hair

Synthetic V’s Human Hair

Human hair wigs are constructed using hair harvested from various sources throughout the world, India and China being the most popular places for human hair. Synthetic wigs are constructed from man-made fibres and engineered to give the overall appearance and look of real hair.

Human Hair

Human Vs Synthetic

Human hair wigs afford the same stying versatility of real hair, both a pro and con for human hair wigs.

Human hair wigs require more maintenance than synthetics and can get dry and brittle due to the lack of oils that the scalp naturally gives to hair.

Human hair wigs, like real hair, require constant styling, and will be affected by rain or humidity.

Human hair wigs are significantly more expensive than synthetics as well.

Human hair wigs typically last for 1 year or more (with proper care).

Synthetic Hair

Human Vs Synthetic

Today there are many high-quality synthetic wigs that look indistinguishable from human hair wigs.

Synthetic wigs retain their shape and require little styling (great for when you are on the go).

Synthetic wigs need extra attention when using heating tools, you can run the risk of burning them and permanently damaging the fibres if you overheat the wigs.

Synthetic wigs are cheaper than human hair wigs – a bonus if you like to swap out your wigs regularly.

Synthetic wigs typically last from 6-12 months (with proper care).

Hair Density

Hair density is how much hair is used on the wig cap and can also be called hair thickness. Density is determined by the type of hair used and how it is styled – curly hair and hair products create the illusion of more volume and fullness. Curly and kinky hair expand when they are combed out, appearing thicker, however, straight hair appears less full. This is important when considering your wig purchase. When two wigs with the same density are compared they can look considerably different depending on the style and texture of the wig.

For a more natural look it is important to consider a hair density similar to your own. We generally recommend between 120% to 130% hair density for our customers. Also be aware that wigs with less density tend to thin out quicker than thicker density wigs requiring repair more often.

Hair Density

100% Light

Wig constructed with light density at the hairline and a lot lighter to wear than other wigs.

120% Medium

Wig constructed with medium density at the hairline, and the most common density used for wigs.

130% Medium/Heavy

Wig constructed with medium/heavy density at the hairline and will give a full voluminous look.

150% Heavy

Wig constructed with heavy density at the hairline and is for people desiring a very full style.

180% Extra Heavy

Wig constructed with the heavies density at the hairline and is typically very heavy.

Hair Length

Our private collection hair is single-drawn Remy hair (ends are left natural), which means your hair may include an extra 1-2 inches of length. This is perfect for trimming to straighten up the ends of your hair without losing any of the length you wanted. Hair length range from 10” (25.4cm) to 26” (66.04cm) from the wig cap to the end. All curly and wavy hair is measured when pulled straight so you will lose length if you choose either of these options.

Hair Length

Like hair density the texture of hair you choose will affect the length of hair you choose. Straight hair will naturally fall longer as it lays completely flat when measured, curly hair is measured when pulled straight as it has more volume for the same weight, and wavy hair falls between both straight and curly. If you have any concerns choosing the hair length for you, book an obligation-free consultation either online or in-store and we will help you with your selection.

Things to consider when choosing your hair

Budget: Do you need your wig temporarily or will this be an investment that you will be using often. If you have a tight budget synthetic wigs are a fantastic option requiring less maintenance than human hair.

Hair Loss Type: Is your hair loss temporary or permanent? If temporary you may prefer a synthetic wig that is more cost effective, if permanent you might want to spend a little more for a human hair wig. The kind of hair loss you are experiencing, combined with your budget will give you an idea of what kind of wig you need.

Time-Poor: Do you need a wig you can throw on at a moment’s notice? Perhaps you are going through chemotherapy and the last thing you want to consider is styling a human hair wig, instead a pre-styled synthetic wig may be a better choice.

Wig Use: Where will you be using your wig? What are the weather conditions? Will you be outside often? If you plan on being quite rugged with your wig a synthetic option may be your choice. If you are going to be in an office, or not engaging in active situations, a human hair wig may be a better option. If you plan on wearing your wig daily, it would be preferable to wear a human hair wig as they last longer than synthetic wigs.

Changing Styles: If you like to change your style often, you may want to consider purchasing synthetic wigs as they are more cost effective, affording you to buy multiple wigs and change your style as often as you like. If you tend to stick with one or two styles a human hair wig may be what you are after.