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Top Tips For Cleaning Your Wig or Topper


Let’s prolong the life of your beautiful wig or topper and have it looking as good as it did when you unboxed it. A great maintenance routine will be all you need to do to ensure you have your wig or topper looking great and ready for wear. On this blog we look at the top tips straight from our Wig Developer so you can be the best equipped to look after your wig/topper.


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Place Your Topper or Wig onto a mannequin head when not in use


How Often do I wash my wig/topper?


We recommend around every 3 weeks if you’re wearing your wig/topper every day. If you’re wearing your wig/topper every now and again, then maybe give it a wash every couple of months to provide a spruce up and nourish the fibres.


What’s the best way to wash my wig/topper?

It’s a simple method to wash a topper or wig… fill a container with warm water and a few squirts of the recommended shampoo.  Hold the Topper or Wig by the part and then swish the piece through the soapy water 10 or so times.  Rinse and then repeat with a second shampoo and rinse.  Finish with by running a liberal amount of conditioner through the piece, concentrating conditioner on the ends.  Leave for a little while and then rinse the conditioner out completely.

We have a couple of videos showing a step by step with Gretchen which we strongly advise you watch. In these videos Gretchen provides all the tips you need to know about how to correctly wash, dry and style a wig or topper. The videos are all here on the homepage and please be sure to watch it to the end ;).


In the meantime, here’s the biggest tips …


  • Gently brush out the wig/topper before you wash to remove any tangles or knots
  • The conditioner is food for your hair, so always start at the ends and work towards the part
  • For long wigs/toppers make sure you use lots of conditioner to fully nourish the fibres
  • Always HOLD THE PART area of the wig/topper as you swish through the water when you shampoo and condition
  • Rinse out shampoo and then rinse out the conditioner completely each time
  • Spray with Simply Stylin when you place the wig/topper on the mannequin head to dry


Can I use any shampoo and conditioner?


No, never be tempted to use a shampoo and conditioner that’s for biological hair. The supplier will recommend the right shampoo and conditioners for your wig/topper and they will be protein free, this is super important.


Is it ok to blow dry my wig/topper?


You can choose to blow dry, however the action and heat of blow drying can stretch the lace and root section of your wig or topper.  We like to allow the wig or topper to air dry, usually does so overnight or in an afternoon on a warm day. Allowing the wig or topper to dry naturally is a far more gentle method and will help to prolong its life.



Whats the best mannequin to use?


We find a mannequin head on a stand is definitely the way to go for all styling. You can get a floor or bench top stand, either work fine. If you google Mannequin Head Stand, there will options that come up for you. For storing your wig/toppers a styrofoam mannequin (from Spotlight or similar) work just great, no need to get expensive mannequin heads to store, unless of course you want them looking especially pretty as they rest 😉


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