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Topper Versus Wig, Which Option Is Best For You?

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Topper adds in instant volume without being too much

If you’re considering which is a better option for you and are new to the world of wearable hair here at The Australian Wig Company we enjoy bringing the best solution to match your individual requirements.  When we provide our in-salon consultations we consider many factors to ensure our clients receives the solution that will be the best one for them… some of the things we consider to ascertain whether a topper or a wig is the best option include…

1. Coverage

Some of our clients are in the beginning stages of hair loss or simply have thinning hair.  When there’s hair still present along the face line we like to recommend a human hair topper over a full wig.  With this option you get the best of both worlds.  Coverage in the areas you need extra hair and the natural hair still being featured. 

Human Hair Hair Toppers from The Australian Wig Company are ergonomic so they use your head structure to hold rather than pulling on hair. 

Our toppers are ergonomic and very breathable. Super light to wear and easy to add instant volume without being “too much”.

A wig covers your whole head and is the ideal solution for advanced stages of hair loss.

2. Colour

As we’re still using the natural hair line when it comes to toppers, it is essential to have the topper match your hair colour perfectly.  Our specialty team at our salon provide custom colouring services to achieve the seamless transitions required between the topper and your own hair.  

A wig, on the other hand, doesn’t have to match your own hair and allows complete freedom to experiment with different hair colours.  

3. Breathability

Hair toppers are super lightweight to wear as there is less material covering the scalp, and your own hair can be left out. A lace hair toppers is extremely breathable as they have the thinnest material. 

With the light stretch comfort cap wig cap construction and other beautiful lightweight breathable caps for wigs, the wig choices of today provide you with very easy to wear and light options. The only difference between the two really is that a wig will cover your head whereas a topper will be clipped into place. Both are very comfortable to wear.

4. Price

For a premium human hair topper you are looking at a higher price than other options, however the benefits far outlay the investment.  The results from a beautiful topper that blends in seamlessly with your own hair ensure nobody will be able to tell this isn’t your own hair.

Wigs range from quite reasonable with synthetic options through to quite expensive for lace front, hand tied, human hair options. This is completely dependent on the style of wig you choose.

5. Styling your own hair/time

Toppers are designed to blend in with your own hair effortlessly, making you own hair appear. Fuller and thicker yet with out being overwhelmed.
Much easier to wear your hear up.

A wig will not require any styling of your own hair, it’s a simple process of pop it on and you’re good to go.  The wig can be styled after you wash it and be ready for instant placement on your head.  This will save time when you’re getting ready.

Topper Versus Wig, Which Option Is Best For You? Let’s put it this way… A topper shapes your identity adding in a little more volume into your existing hair colour and style.

A wig can be quite an investment if you haven’t worn a wig before. Wigs transform your identity and allows you to have a little fun with changing your look up each time if you desire!