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Want salon styled hair for your wedding day, but can’t get to a salon? Whether or not you’re having a stylist style your wedding day hair, a human hair topper is the answer to creating the beautiful styles that are so popular right now. And the best part is that you simply buy, clip, wear.

easiPart French 12inch 12FS8

When it comes to professional wedding hair styling most of the stylists I know use toppers and clip in extensions to create the beautiful hair styles you see on social media. Even newsreaders you see every night may just be wearing these amazing little secrets!

We use and recommend human hair toppers. It’s an investment that just keeps giving. Every time you need to have a hair do and don’t want to get a professional stylist, you just clip your pre-styled hair in and in a few minutes you have a hair style that is salon perfect. They are available in different lengths and for weddings we recommend investing in the hand tied bases to ensure the most seamless, and realistic results. Seriously it will be almost impossible to tell you’re wearing a topper with one of these!

The placement of your topper will be just behind the front line of your biological hair and you simply blend in your hair with the topper. Literally no one will be able to tell that this isn’t your own hair!

So why not take the stress away from having to style your own hair on your wedding day and invest in a topper, if you let us know you are using your human hair topper for a wedding we can even provide styling to it before we send it to you so that it will be pre-curled and ready to clip in!

easiPart French 12inch 12FS8
French Easipart Topper from Jon Renau

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