How Do I Put On A Hair Topper

There are several other options and sizes for you to choose from for your perfect topper solution. Whichever one you choose the application always starts at the front and works backwards

  1. Line the topper up with where your part sits
  2. Starting point is around 1-2cm back from from your front hair line
  3. Position your topper and check it’s straight
  4. Clip in the front clips first, followed by side and back
  5. Style your biological hair around the hair line into the topper
  6. We recommend human hair toppers as the best option for the level of styling you can achieve… style your topper using the heated tools exactly as you would your own hair
  7. There you have it, beautiful full hair results.
A properly fitting hair topper makes it impossible to tell whether it’s your own hair or you’ve added the topper into the style!

Welcome to the world of styling! You may be surprised to find out that many of the personalities / stars you see on film and television are styled using hair toppers. As Sharryn Sinclair (Wig Designer for TV & Film) says, ” A hair topper is the glove box styling.. simply pop it on and you’re ready to go in front of the camera”. So how do we achieve a properly fitting hair topper when there’s so many options to choose from ?

Well, first and foremost you need to consider what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Is it a simple cover up of greys or a quick add of volume to your thin hair or have you lost hair and need extra love with a hair topper?

Let’s walk you through the choices one by one and provide some insights on what to look for and how to choose which one is going to best work for you.


Our first choice when it comes to toppers that work and look the best is the Ergonomic range from Private Collection. As opposed to any reliance on the clips for securing to your hair, this beautiful topper is designed to sit more like a ‘claw’ on your scalp. The clips just add in extra support. This topper is designed to mould to your head rather than be perched on top of it.

It is by far the best choice when it comes to looks and effectiveness, with the unique design system any stress on your biological hair is eased as the clips are there more for a stabilisation rather than the method of application.

As an example of how a topper looks… we’ve shown the illustration from Jon Renau…

The Easipart from Jon Renau is the first step and is suitable to a quick coverup of greys or a bit of volume.

Easipart is designed to clip onto your hair … suitable for thin hair or if you’re wanting to cover up the greys

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